Smart phone App to open Entrance doors & link to your garage & gates…

Smartphones and internet have changed our social behavior. We now spend more and more time connected to our social environment. With the increasing need to control what happens around us, smart home products offer people a way to speak with their house and ask it to do things for them.


This new way of communication between humans and machines has created new needs and when it comes to garage, entrance doors and gates, these needs have been addressed with Gogogate2:

1. We do not want to carry with remote controls any longer. We want all of them integrated in a single, clean and easy to use interface on OUR Smartphone.
2. We want to control all what happens around at anytime, from anywhere. We want to be able to open or close the garage from anywhere using a Smartphone.
3. We want to be notified of any event that happens at home. In case of emergency, we want to be notified in real time.
4. Technology costs have dramatically fallen in the pasts years, specially in Home automation. We want to make our living space smarter with affordable, simple and easy to install products


Open, close and monitor your garage, entrance door & gates from anywhere.  

Through the use of your Smartphone (iOS/Android), you will be able to remotely open your garage door being miles away from home*.
Have some guests at home but you are still at the office? Don’t worry, just let them in from the single touch of a button on your Smartphone, tablet or PC.
* You must be connected to internet via 3G/4G-LTE or Wi-Fi.


Still wondering if you left your garage door? With Gogogate2, this won’t happen anymore.  

The system can be combined with two types of sensors: wireless or wired. These sensors will send you an alert every time your garage door or gate is open, closed or left open.
All alerts can be received via phone notification or via email. A log of events will also be available on both the app’s main screen and in a built-in calendar, so you can track all traffic at home, at the office or in the warehouse.


Share access to your home with Gogogate2. Grant or deny access to your garage to different users.

With our access management feature, customers can create different user accounts and restrict the access to home by time (hourly), location (local access or remote) and by door in case you have more than one connected per device.
Have no confidence in giving your keys to the housekeeper? Don’t worry, send her/him an invitation and decide or monitor when she/he can arrive and leave home.


The app & control panel costs only £150 + VAT – it can also be hooked up to your Garage Door, & gates* 

We have 2 Garage doors in th showroom hooked up & also a front door to show you just how easy it is to use. Come and see us at our new showroom in Birstall, Leicester. LE4 3LH.


*With the relevant equipment to link the GoGoGate App to.