Endurance PLUS Composite doors…

Thicker, stronger composite doors…

Our composite door supplier: Endurance Doors have just launched their thicker range of doors – Endurance PLUS.

At 27% thicker than other composite doors on the market, the Endurance PLUS range will be a hit with security-conscious homeowners who will accept nothing less than the best. Packed with unique features and smart technology it’s designed to make households feel completely safe and secure.

  • 56mm Thick Solid Timber Core
  • 75mm Deep Energy Efficient Frame
  • 4 High Security Hinges
  • Innovative Moisture Barrier System
  • Triple Glazed
  • 5 Multi-Point Locking System
  • ATK 3 Star Diamond High Security Cylinder
  • Available in all door designs & all colours (white frames only at the moment)

There is also the NEW Winkhaus autolock AV3 which is available to order now too.

The new automatic multi-point locking system retains its massive hook, which automatically extends without the need for actuation by key and hooks in deeply behind the closing area. Combined with the weather seal hook, the door sash is held even more firmly in its position, providing protection against weather influences.

The innovative AV3 locking systems features a central magnetic trigger which only activates the tracer pin when the door is already flushly seated in the frame, eliminating potential damage to the door frame.

The daytime latch makes it possible to easily open the door from outside without a key: Winkhaus is the only manufacturer of automatic multi-point locking systems to offer this with the combination of Duo hook and single-handed operation.

Why not design your own composite door here: http://bmapprocaldoorportalretail.azurewebsites.net/cmsdoors.aspx