Garage door servicing – 2 years


Any garage door requires servicing after 2 years of use to comply with the manufactures maintenance guidance and warranty stipulations. This service allows a continuation of manufacturers warranty should any component faults occur.

Like any mechanical item, regular maintenance, inspection and testing ensures safe and reliable operation and protects your initial investment.

The majority of garage doors are fitted with safety brakes, safety edges, anti-drop and anti-stall devices and these must be maintained and tested correctly to ensure user safety and proper function. Doors fitted with counterbalance springs require adjustment as the spring strength decreases; on automated doors, this reduces the strain on the lifting motor and on manual doors, ensures lightweight operation and reduces the risk of unexpected door closure.

As a company we offer a low cost service with the view that prevention is better than cure. We run our planned service at cost to reduce the need for call out repairs and larger charges.

Our Service package includes:

  • £95 + VAT – Single doors up to 3m/10ft wide, £45 for additional door | £125 + VAT – Double door up to 6m/20ft wide | £65 for an additional door
  • Replace batteries in your remotes
  • Replace safety edge battery – if applicable to your door type
  • Testing and calibration of the safety brake
  • Lubrication of all parts including springs, rollers, hinges, tracks and safety brakes
  • Check and reset the stop limits and anti-crush device on the motor/s if applicable
  • Re-tension and correct balancing of the springs
  • Silicone treatment of all rubber seals
  • Order and replace any faulty components under warranty

Please note that our initial fitting warranty of 2 years expires at this point and labour is chargeable on any call outs should your door develop a fault. Our service inspection includes a continuation of said warranty for a further 2 years.

Should you wish to book a service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the office to book it in: 0116 2885888.