Pedestrian doors / Wicket sectional garage doors

The perfect solution when frequent pedestrian entry and exit to a garage is required, Wicket doors are an ideal solution

Where there is a regular requirement to access the garage on-foot, the wicket door is a practical solution. If you use your garage to store cycles, gardening equipment or used as a workshop – you really don’t want to be opening and closing the whole garage door every time you need such equipment.

In this circumstance, a wicket door doesn’t only provide convenience, but also prevents the considerable amount of heat loss every time the entirety of the door is opened, especially relevant if the garage is integral to the house.

The handing of the doors are critical for best operation which can be determined by the customer – left, right or central plus the hinging position. The doors are always outward opening.

With multiple options for thresholds depending on usage – from low level at 25mm up to 140mm.

The Wicket doors are mounted in the insulated, Sectional door with panels of 42mm thick. Great seal when closed all around as well. Large array of panel layouts + RAL colours to choose from.