Enhance your front door with a finger print entry


The Fortis Aluminium entrance door finger scanner offers easy access without keys, codes or cards.

Elegance, convenience and security all in one!

The Fortis Aluminium range incorporates the Ekey finger scanner. The finger scanner is the most convenient one due to its cost, ease of use and security.

Open your front door with only one finger swipe and fingerprints can be added easily via the new Ekey Bionyx app.

The EKey dLine finger print scanner can hold up to 99 prints, so the whole family can be assigned ,so no more need to get more keys cut.

Your unique fingerprint is much more secure than a key which can be either stolen or lost.

All Fortis doors can be upgraded to be at the forefront cutting edge of digital technology.

Our systems are extremely reliable and secure.

There is always as standard a 3* high security manual key as back up.

To see a demo of how it works - head down to our showroom where we will be happy to show you.