Door personalisation, get the door you want…


When buying one of our front doors whether it be from the Aluminium, Steel or Composite range - there are many options to consider so you are certain to find the perfect door to fit your home.

Personalising it so it stands out from the rest of your streets doors is something that can be done. You want to create that statement door so choosing the right colour whether it’s to match your house or personality is something important to think about. 


There is a wide range of hardware options and accessories to choose from, from modern long bar handles to finger print entry, digital door viewers and recessed handles with LED lighting.

Add the finishing touch to your stylish, entrance door by adding lights to really make it stand out. The Aluminium range have recessed handles and bar handles with built in LEDs and header LEDs to make your door "glow" at night.

The options really are endless in designing your new door.

Timber effect RK Excellence front door


Your front door is the primary entry point in the home. Being able to swipe your finger across one of our advanced scanners to unlock your door is advanced technology.

Are they secure? Yes - Ekey (the manufacturer) - have said its as secure as a 6 digit pin code

How many prints does it store: 99 prints - so its great for large families.

What age can the scanner read from: Ekey suggest from 6 years +

They are simple to use and a great upgrade to your new door.


*Only available on a Fortis Aluminium door.